The Effects of Alcoholism on Families and Health

The Effects of Alcoholism on Families and Health

The Effects of Alcoholism on Families and Health

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Drinking too much can cause massive problems, not just on health, but also on people who are close to the abuser. Family members and children are the most affected by drinking problems, and when the effects stack up, serious and long-term problems with far-reaching consequences can scar everyone involved.

Losing those special moments

Imagine if you drunk yourself silly right before a family event or a sporting game for a child? Now the next morning, you’d probably feel both hungover and irritable, causing you to miss the event and stay home nursing the hangover.

Having to miss a special event, especially multiple times, to deal with a hangover is a sure way to not only let health go downhill but also to drive a wedge between family members. In addition, hangovers can cause problems with missing work, school, and other parental duties.

Drinking can also cause disorderly conduct when you do go out in public, either due to being drunk, hungover, or suffering withdrawals. That behavior soon makes people not even want you at events due to the alcohol-induced behavior.

Money troubles

Drinking addictions cost a lot, and most people who have an addiction will do anything to get their fix. So it’s often the family budget that pays the price when it comes to drinking problems.

Not only is the money spent on large amounts of drinks a problem, but also the lowered standards that people set on themselves when they are drunk. Drunk people are less likely to stay on budget and more likely to spend more money internet shopping or at the bar, and when people get drunk during the workday they are less likely to spend the day there.

Other lost wages can come from medical bills, the cost of transportation, and not being paid when you are absent at work which can all lead to credit card debt and a downward spiral of losing money.


Impacts on children

Children with one or two alcoholic parents can witness verbal fights and even experience verbal and physical abuse, which can not only lead to problematic troubles with emotions and relationships, but also can push the child to drink alcohol themselves.

Younger children can blame themselves for the actions of their parents while under the influence, which brings up problems of self-anger or guilt which can cause problems later in life. Children with an alcoholic parent will either become disrespectful or will act like a parent themselves to seek their parent’s approval.

It’s not just you

Sometimes people with addictions will become self-absorbed in their own problems, but it’s important to understand how addiction harms the people around you and what short and long-term effects that it can have on the community that you have built up.

So the next time your problems get so big that drinking them away seems like a good option, reach out to that community, and try to get their help instead of hurting them with the effects of the addiction.


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