Home Remedies for Alcohol Addiction

Home Remedies for Alcohol Addiction

Home Remedies for Alcohol Addiction

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When it comes to people with alcohol addiction, especially in the minor stages where excessive drinking translates into an actual dependency, alcoholics anonymous or medications might not be necessary to deal with the problem. Home remedies can often be just as effective at detoxing from alcohol as medication.

Some of these remedies can even be done with common household ingredients and can give you something else to do to fight off the cravings for another drink.


One of the best forms of a remedy uses a key ingredient of wine: grapes. Grapes and grape juice not only contain one of the alcohol agents in them but also have potassium and can clean toxins from the kidneys and liver. Many alcoholics have recovered from their addiction simply by eating grapes, and trust me your liver will thank you!

In addition, apples help to cure multiple addictions and one of those is alcohol addiction. They also clean your system of toxins and help cut down on the power of needing another drink. If you want another drink instead of alcohol, celery juice mixed in water is also a powerful agent for making drunks sober over a long period of time.

For a meal after getting drunk, having a salami and butter sandwich can help absorb the alcohol in the body and can be a good meal to eat if you are slowing weening yourself off of alcohol in order to get the toxins out of your system before they cause too much damage.

Herbs such as licorice root, dandelions, and milk thistles can also prove beneficial when it comes to dealing with alcohol. Milk thistle repairs and strengthens the liver, and dandelions help to curb the strong effects of being drunk. Licorice root also keeps the liver safe and detoxes the system naturally.

If your liver is starting to show the effects of alcohol addiction, or even suffering from drinking, then the herbs are for you. Whether they are eaten or drunk as a tea, the herbs will be the defenders that your liver needs.

Still, these dietary changes should be taken with exercise, an already balanced diet, and more healthy changes in order to provide the best benefits for your body. Also, these home remedies are designed to work during the long term and work best during the early stages of alcohol addiction. They are not designed to work as a short-term fix.

Changing a diet can be helpful to deal with the effects of excessive drinking, but is not designed to be a replacement for medication and therapy to get to the cause of the addition. Enrolling in programs like AA or even speaking to an addiction specialist will be the main solution to an addiction to alcohol.

These lifestyle changes and natural remedies to alcohol addiction are easy to do, and chances are you have some of the food items in the pantry or fridge already, so why not use them to take control of your addition and health?

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